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Boutique High-end Catering

Bloom & Echo offer high end catering for all your events.

Whether for a photo or film shoot, party, openings, or screenings, our personalized style of catering will suit your event perfectly.

We provide:

  • Full day catering
  • Beautiful intricate finger food
  • Flying food dinner service
  • Luxury soup, salad, sandwich lunches
  • 3- 4 course or mezze variety warm lunches
  • Sweet and savoury breakfasts and brunches
  • Healthy delicious snacks and extras

Bespoke Menus

We work with you for exactly what best suits your event

We create menus specifically catered to your needs and interests. We specialize in artful and exciting dishes with a selection of styles to inspire.

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Safe for you and the planet

Currently, we are providing contactless deliveries and have teamed up with VYTAL using their wonderful reusable eco friendly container system

Making pure vegan food is an art, and the chefs of this restaurant are master in it. If you need to find yourself in a tranquil place with delicious vegan food, this is the place.

Marilyn Coleman
Editor, The Food Magazine

Let's meet for brunch

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Mon - Fri
9:30 AM - 11:00 PM
8:00 AM - 12:30 PM