Bloom & Echo is founded by Erin Lang a chef, mixologist, musician and sound artist who is based in Berlin, Germany, London, UK, and Toronto, Canada. With the B&E team, she hosts private dinners and brunches curated to the tastes and interests of the group or theme of the event, pop-up events and workshops. Her and her team also do boutique high-end catering and they bring a unique flair to any event. As a mixologist she specialises in ‘living cocktails’, creating her own wild fermented mixers, syrups and bitters for truly artisanal and unique cocktails that inspire.

Bloom & Echo is a collaborative community of chefs and artists who thrive on creativity in the kitchen. With an emphasis on vegan plant-based living, we aim to empower a kind of improvised approach to cooking with workshops and cooking classes but also to bring excitement and flexibility to our events and catering clients. Inspired by raw and living foods and ferments, and with consideration for nostalgia, we draw from a broad palate, infusing each dish or cocktail with a passion for the creative.

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